Monday, May 4, 2015

Family Session at the Cabane à Sucre

The Sugar Shack (aka Cabane à sucre)  has to be a rite of passage for everyone…remember the feeling you get being with the entire family eating yummy breakfast food for dinner like pancakes, eggs, and bacon and smothering it with the freshest Canadian Maple Syrup you can find! Now if you never have been it needs to be added to your bucket list. Best time to go is March-April when the weather gets warm during the day and still cold at night. Well this year I had to take my niece to her first ever Cabane à sucre in Papineauville Quebec and of course what is a family trip without the good old Nikon :) Take a look at what a Cabane à sucre looks like through the eyes of my very beautiful niece. Enjoy!

Cabane à sucre Chez Ti-Mousse  
442 St-Charles Rang, Papineauville, QC

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